VEIL - Priority Layering Video Mixer w/Variable Opacity
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VEIL - Priority Layering Video Mixer w/Variable Opacity

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VEIL is a three layer subtractive compositor allowing users to stack luma signals and create the effect of perceived depth. The opacity of top layers may be adjusted to obstruct or reveal lower layers. Each knob at the CW position will result in its respective layer appearing to sit on top of the lower layers without “white-blowout” while CCW will approach the function of a typical additive mixer.

VEIL is best used with gradients and can be used in series or parallel with other VEIL modules for a multitude of expandable capabilities. Using two or more VEIL modules in series increases the number of stackable layers and using three VEIL modules in parallel allows users to stack and control the opacity of multiple full-color RGB video sources.

4 HP
49 mm deep
Current Draw:
40 mA +12V
40 mA -12V
0 mA 5V

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 Captures courtesy of Matthew Rempes: