MULTB - Quad 1:3 Buffered Multiple
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MULTB - Quad 1:3 Buffered Multiple

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MULTB, aka the YRGB Mult, is a Quad 1-to-3 Video Rate Buffered Multiple. Inputs are buffered to provide three identical unity gain outputs per. Using a buffered multiple instead of stackable cables prevents unwanted attenuation as well as potential crosstalk from modules without input buffers. 

Input switches are cascaded downward, so using just the first input will provide a user with twelve identical unity gain outputs. Inputs are terminated with a 100Kohm resistor and each output has a series resistance of 499ohms. 

Two versions are available for Assembled modules. One is 8HP and the other is 6HP. The 6HP version is assembled with surface mount components and is not as deep as the 8HP version. The full dimensions are below:




41mm deep

32mm deep

Current Draw:

11 mA +12V

11 mA -12V

0 mA +5V


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